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A definition of 'Searching'

Today, we search with a keyboard. If we need to find something, the first thing we do is type some words and hit 'ENTER'. This is really asking, not searching. The computer does the searching for us.

This is not the same type of searching; the other is to leave the comforts of home in search of something - perhaps something concrete or perhaps abstract - something I know is out there or only hope might be. This physical search involves a different set of skills the computer search doesn't require: commitment, patience, determination, persistence. (Will Schwalbe)

I hope I can live up to this.

I want to go as light and as fast as possible; I've seen cycle tourers laden down with 100+ pounds of gear and, while in awe of their persistence, this is not the light and fast way I want to go.

The gear - add a spare tire and light single person tent - and that is EVERYTHING.
So I laid out the gear, wondering if I should have bought larger panniers. All seem to fit and I could still lift my new orange Cote bike. The dog looked on in wonderment that anyone would leave the comforts or a cushy dog bed with regular 'pumpkin and berry' snacks to go on such a journey.

Is this a look of bewilderment or awe?

My gorgeous Safetti kit

I'll be riding Safetti kit - probably the BEST designed and MOST comfortable kit you can buy. (I've gained a few pounds recently which make it look a wee bit tight...sure to lose these on the ride!) I rode with Steed today in my new kit. NO butt soreness which is really a first for me. Sofia gave me some 'Mad Alchemy' Chamois Cream - all added to a very happy butt.

Chamois cream that really works!


Ready to ride July 1st at 5 am.


  1. Jane you are an inspiration. I confess to peering over your shoulder when you
    were in the Bean Fiend in your riding rig. I just took up cycling again and have no trouble relating to riding against the wind!

    Its funny because we met only briefly, but not until you left and I heard your cause was I able to feel so grateful. Mental illness and depression plays no favorites and our family particularly my wife has had our fair share. Myself as well.

    I hope you are as enriched by your travels and work for this cause as the folks are who you are helping.

    Thank you for making my day


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