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Three Weeks to Go!

I am so very busy at school writing reports, marking, seeing parents and assuaging fears of grade 12 students who hope to graduate. Friday I'm organizing a fundraising/mental health awareness morning with Denise and Lenore. Both Denise and Lenore have jumped on the idea and have motivated students to create fabulous posters, invited elementary kids and generally have been great support and organizers.

 The bike is almost ready with tri-bars, new fast tires, and two brand new rear panniers. Orange. What a super color! I'm compiling a list yet I do NOT want to go like the poor dude we saw today: overloaded with four panniers and gear piled high. Go light and hopefully fast. 

MiI'm feeling pretty fit with the month of racing in New Zealand, the indoor interval training (thanks, TAG!) and the Steed club rides. I LOVE riding my bike so it never takes much to get one out if that's one's passion. 

 I have so much support from friends. Alejandro has supplied me with two gorgeously beautiful Safetti kits, as well as a cold weather wind shell. Thanks so much! 

Many donations are still coming in and I should make $5000 toward to Mood Disorder Society of Canada. Training with Ian in Joshua Tree:


  1. Jane, what an awesome idea. I can't wait to follow your ride online. I kicked in a few $, I hope you reach your goal

  2. Hi Rixter, Its always exciting to actually get a reply to a BLOG. Thank you SO much for the $. I'm not sure if you are D.R. (?) yet I hope I sent a message to thank you for your contribution!


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